Posted On: 02/7/21 10:00 PM

Ladera Ranch, Cal. — The Prep Hoops Next West Coast Kick-Off concluded Sunday afternoon at the Ladera Sports Center in Orange County, California. Prep Hoops Next’s West Coast lead scout/correspondent, Bruce Williams, and myself (Spencer Pulliam), were once again front and center for all the action. Here are our thoughts on the best Class of 2025 performers that we watched on the event’s final day…

Tyler Bright | Las Vegas, NV | Class of 2025

Bruce Williams’ take: Bright was a major contributor to West Coast Select’s run to the Championship game. He moved well and was able to be productive against other quality bigs. I was impressed with his finishing in traffic and out-of-area rebounding ability.

Spencer Pulliam’s take: Bright is more than just a drop-off finisher and offensive rebounder in the paint but he does pick-up a lot of additional production in those categories. It’s refreshing to see a true big man claim the lane as his own and display a willingness to mix it up inside. Additionally, to watch two young players possess the chemistry that Bright and seventh-grade point guard Tyus Thomas have when working off ball-screens together was especially fun to watch this weekend.

De’Andre Harrison | Phoenix, AZ | Class of 2025

Bruce Williams’ take: Harrison was a strong “Robin” to Koa Peat’s “Batman” on Sunday. He’s a physical athlete with a quick 2nd jump ability. It felt like every rebound Peat didn’t collect, this pogo stick lefty, did. He got out and finished in transition and showed the ability to be creative on the offensive end.

Spencer Pulliam’s take: Harrison was the perfect “glue guy” for A.E.B.C. (AZ) during their run to the championship at the West Coast Kick-off. I respect how he embraces his role for this squad with no complaints and simply does what is necessary to help his club collect victories. He was easily one of the more versatile performers from the event’s eighth-grade division and I’m interested to see where his game goes from here and how he continues to evolve as a player over time.

Charlie Hoier | Encinitas, CA | Class of 2025

Bruce Williams’ take: Hoier’s skill level and IQ really jump out at you. He’s an intelligent passer that understands how to make on-time, on-target passes. He has a smooth jumper, especially from the mid-range, and showed multiple-level scoring abilities.

Spencer Pulliam’s take: Hoier brought a ton of value to the floor for his San Diego Relentless team, particularly on the offensive end of the court, and it was easy to tell that their match-up against the San Diego Prospects to close the weekend meant a lot to the players from both organizations. A lot of credit goes to Hoier, who had some huge moments throughout the event, but perhaps none bigger than his gutty efforts in the closing minutes to secure a victory against an in-town rival.

Braylon Singleton | Los Angeles, CA | Class of 2025

Bruce Williams’ take: The best compliment that I can give Singleton is that he is a true “AON” (all or nothing) guard. He was one of the most versatile players in the event and is an early circuit candidate for my “All-pit-bull” Team. He got to the rim and scored against man defenses and was masterful in the high post when playing against 2-3 zones.

Spencer Pulliam’s take: Singleton continued to put the ball in the basket at a high clip on Sunday but his all-around game continues to grow on me the more I watch him. Team A.O.N.’s backcourt is one of the deepest that I’ve seen in the Class of 2025, and oftentimes, they go as Braylon Singleton goes. Their schedule this weekend was brutal and they were tested early and often, but the entire team should be commended for its resilience in closing the weekend with a win, while posting a 4-1 record.

Nigel Walls Nigel Walls 6'8" | C NM | Rio Rancho, NM | Class of 2025

Bruce Williams’ take: It’s easy to get infatuated with his length, but what impressed me was with how well Walls ran the floor, as well as his low post IQ. Walls genuinely enjoyed sprinting to the front of the rim, pinning opponents on his back, then catching and finishing at the basket.

Spencer Pulliam’s take: It won’t take much longer for the secret to be out on Walls. He’s closing in on a legitimate 6-foot-8 and has a gigantic wingspan that teases a few additional inches are likely in the cards. More notable are Walls’ recent improvements, not only his game and productivity, but his confidence as well. His game is rapidly trending upward, and I’m excited to see what the next few months will bring for him, much less his long-term future on the hardwood.

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