Posted On: 03/5/21 1:57 PM

This past weekend, the Rumble Under the Palms took place in Winter Haven under the Prep Hoops Next brand.

There was a nice young influx of talent in the building and a ton of good competition overall.

Here is a look at 15 prospects that caught my eye.

Sequel Patterson – 5-9 – CLT1 Sports 2027

On Sunday morning, CLT1 Sports (Charlotte) guard Sequel Patterson hit a game-winning 3 in a wild triple overtime title against the Central Florida Rising Stars. A tough nosed guard, Patterson plays all five positions on the floor and uses his football body to his advantage often. The future is bright with this strong and determined athlete.

Chris Washington – 6-4 – Central Florida Rising Stars 2026

Perhaps the highest upside player in the gym, Washington is long as can be, but not that skinny. He is toned and does just about everything defensively as a shot block and inside finisher on the other end. Washington can handle the rock already and has a good-looking shot which is a scary sight. He will skyrocket in height and overall skill.

Keron Jackson – 6-3- Southeast Elite 2025

The most consistent piece for the Southeast Elite 2025 squad (formerly Team Parsons) was Keron Jackson. The lengthy athlete had a ferocious one-handed slam on the opening day of the tournament on Saturday. He continued his strong play with consistent attacks to the cup and many good looking pushes out on the break.

Oneal Delancy – 5-11 – SPSA Runs 2027

One of the top scoring performances you’ll see anywhere, 2027 SPSA Runs guard Oneal Delancy lit It up on Saturday in a close win over E1T1 United. He is a gifted shooter but my favorite thing about his game is his ability to make high IQ passes and get his teammates open. The speedy guard out of St. Pete is a prospect to keep a close eye on.

JJ Sati-Grier – 5-4 – CLT1 Sports 2027

Perhaps the quickest player regardless of age at Rumble, JJ Sati-Grier is a lightning bolt down the floor. He makes it look easy out in transition and really makes the game fun for everyone on his side. His playmaking ability and pursuit on both ends of the floor make him a must watch.

Jaylen Bates – 6-0 – Florida Vipers 2025

Strong and determined, 2025 Florida Vipers guard Jaylen Bates was one of the most gifted slashers I watched play. He gets inside with a variety of moves and always is physical with his takes. Bates has a bright future as a lead guard who can run the show.

Frankie Raines Jr. – 5-11 – Tri-City Elite 2025

Perhaps one of the best overall finishers on the weekend, Frankie Raines Jr. routinely hit the mid-range and netted lay-ins. He took the pressure off of his teammates and really performed at a high level. Whenever his side needed a buket, Raines Jr. was there.

Jakobe Hall – 6-2 – Florida Vipers 2025

A lengthy big, Jakobe Hall is far from done in terms of growing height-wise. His skills overall are already at a high level as he is a keen piece under the basket on both ends of the floor. Hall filled up the stat sheet for the Florida Vipers 2025 group.

Jordan Skyers – 6-0 – Central Florida Rising Stars 2026

Locked in and focused, it is hard to believe that Jordan Skyers is only a 2026 prospect. He plays well above his grade and holds his offense together with fancy passing and crafty playmaking. Skyers is a problem on both ends of the floor.

Josiah Cotto – 5-7 – Florida Suns 2025

The Florida Suns as a unit were rock solid and Josiah Cotto led the charge. He is a talented shooter and someone who finds openings on his own and hits big 3’s. Cotto has a bright future as he heads into the varsity ranks.

Mason Fuentes – 5-11 – All Ball Academy 2026

All Ball Academy won the 2026 Platinum bracket behind true team basketball and very good chemistry. 2026 5-11 athlete Mason Fuentes was a true standout for this group with his shooting touch. He has a nice floater and isn’t afraid to mix it up down low.

Adrien Burke – 5-6 – Penny Ball Academy 2025

On a team full of unselfish pieces, Adrien Burke had the ball on a string at Rumble. He is a quick twitch point guard who can score when he needs to and dish it out often.

Nate Ferguson – 5-7 – SelfMadeBallers 2026

For the SelfMadeBallers unit out of Alabama, Nate Ferguson was the best thing rolling. He is a leader who plays the right way. He doesn’t get rattled very much and is a very reliable jump shooter for his side.

Arosco Dubois – 5-9 – Powerhouse Bulls 2026

A big body who likes to mix it up as a ballhandler and hard nosed slasher, Arosco Dubois certainly was solid every game that I saw him. He will surprise you.

Eric Noblin – 5-1 – P2Ballers 2026

A speedy good shooter, Eric Noblin shined often this past weekend. He was a spark for the P2Ballers 2026 group. Noblin has a knack for a key shot.