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What is the Prep Hoops Next Circiut?

In 2019, Prep Hoops introduced the Prep Hoops Circuit, the largest independent high school league in grassroots basketball. The concept was simple: provide programs an opportunity to compete against the best teams in the country, while providing a flexible, cost effective schedule with conveniently located events.

Fast forward 2 years, after much success and feedback with the high school circuit, it became clear that an option for a comprehensive elite middle school circuit was necessary. Enter the Prep Hoops Next Circuit, which debuted in 2021 with events nationwide. The Prep Hoops Next Circuit was an immediate success, affording programs a level of coverage that had never before been seen at the youth level.

What sets the Prep Hoops Next Circuit apart from any other platform, shoe or independent, is that Prep Hoops Next acts as the subject matter expert for coverage and content across the country. This allows us not only to intimately cover the programs that participate in our events, but also to secure premier venues and effectively schedule events that fit into the event calendar in each individual market. By offering a flexible event schedule in order to secure a position in the Finals, teams have the ability to truly make this circuit fit no matter what your schedule is.

In 2023, the Prep Hoops Next Circuit will feature 15 events in 10 states, culminating with the Prep Hoops Next National Champions in Kansas City, MO from June 30 – July 2nd.